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Committee purpose statement: 
This committee will plan the annual training institute. 

Committee action statement:
The committee focuses on executing the training institute. 


  • Plan and organize an annual training institute that will meet the needs of the membership.
  • Provide training that will attract a diverse population of participants.
  • Promote teamwork to arrange a conference attracting members to participate in the planning process.
  • Offer a conference with quality programming within budgetary parameters.
  • Provide a venue for the annual Association business meeting.
  • Provide network opportunities for corrections professionals.


Amy Moeckel- Ramsey County Corrections

Dan Raden- Department of Corrections

Shannon Fette- Ramsey County Corrections

Sub Committees:

Co-Chair: Tom Jungmann - Ramsey County Corrections

Co-Chair: Tom Redmond - Ramsey County Corrections
Sub-committee Members
Paula Wendel - Student

Co-Chair: Sherry Bohn - MCF-Oak Park Heights
Co-Chair: Tammy Whereley - MCF-Red Wing
Sub-committee Members
Bronson Austreng - MCF-Oak Park Heights
Bryan Moses - GTL
Emmy Seidling - MCF-Rush City
Brent Sharon - MCF-Oak Park Heights

Resource Fair
Co-Chair: Kurt Heideman - MCF Stillwater
Co-Chair: Raul Sanchez - Ramsey County Corrections 

Sub-committee Members
Lonnie Danielson - MCF-Lino Lakes
Jason Hills - MCF-Oak Park Heights
Tyler Grandstand - MCF-Oak Park Heights

Program Committee
Chair:  Pat Leibel-Beiring - MCF-Moose Lake
Chair: Jason Mereness - Ramsey County
Chair: Christine Schweich - Ramsey County Corrections 

Sub-committee Members
Gary Atkins - MCF-Stillwater
Darnell Baker - MCF-Lino Lakes
Tom Beiring - MCF-Rush City
Stephanie Duhme - Rice County Corrections
Margit Heald - MCF-St. Cloud
Chuck Hughes - MCF-St. Cloud
Cheri Humphrey - MCF-Moose Lake
Roxie Karelis-Family Pathways
Bryan Milliron - MCF-Stillwater
Shelli Monio - MCF-Oak Park Heights
Kayla Perkins, MCF-Red Wing
Melissa Peterson - MN Dept of Human Serv.
Jolene Rebertus - MN DOC
Duane Stanley-Mower County Community Corrections
Alayna Starr-Sherburne County Community Corrections
Wendy Ortiz-MN Department of Corrections

Registration Committee
Co-Chair: Vicki Lanners - MCF St.Cloud
Co-Chair: Jean Wipper - MCF St.Cloud 

Sub-committee Members
Arti Cunningham - MCF-Faribault
Mark Ehlenz - Retired DOC
Collin Gau - MCF-St. Cloud
Michelle Johnson - MCF-Faribault
Merlin Kath - Waseca County
Dora Krogh - MCF-Faribault
Rico Lopez - MCF-Oak Park Heights
Natalie Radich - MCF-Stillwater
Parker Stinski - Hennepin County Community Corrections
Paula Wageman - MCF-Faribault

MCA Office 

PO Box 261

Wyoming, MN 55092


MCA Office 

PO Box 261

Wyoming, MN 55092

Phone: 651.462.8320

Email: mn-ca 

Fax: 651.717.6137

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